Best of the Best 2016

by | Jul 13, 2016

Macon's Best of the Best

We just cannot express what an honor it was to receive the call from the Macon Telegraph last month letting us know that Brandon was the first place winner in the category of Macon’s Best DJ in the 2016 Best of the Best!!  We simply could not have achieved such an award if it wasn’t for the support of all of you.  Over the last five years we have grown and accomplished so many things that were once only things that we would talk about at night while sitting and watching television together.  You believed in us, you believed in our brand, and you believed that Brandon had the ability to make your wedding reception everything that you had ever imagined it to be.  Thank you for your trust.  Thank you for your support.  And most importantly, thank you for allowing us to live through so many of life’s great moments alongside you as not only your DJ, but as your friend.

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