Wedding Wire World 2015

by | Mar 26, 2015

Brandon Higgins, Lindsay Higgins, and Monte Durham take a selfie!

Brandon Higgins, Lindsay Higgins, and Monte Durham take a selfie!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Last week we had the pleasure of attending Wedding Wire World 2015 in Washington, DC.  First off, the city is just beautiful.  We had the opportunity to explore on Sunday when we arrived, but Monday morning came quickly.  Monday and Tuesday were filled with so many talented speakers and wedding industry experts that it is a good thing we took notes.  Bill Rancic, winner of the very first season of The Apprentice, was of course one of the stand out presenters during the conference.  His presentation was beyond inspiring, and his own story a courageous one.  My personal favorite though was Monte Durham from TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.  If he ever decides that the wedding industry is no longer for him, he should try his hand at comedy.  We laughed throughout his entire presentation!  He was just great, and even agreed to take a selfie with us!    Not to be overlooked by all of these celebrities though was Alan Berg.  He is absolutely amazing when it comes to his knowledge and ideas on how to make your business a successful one.  The entire trip was made worth it just to hear him speak alone I feel.

Now I’m sure all of you are wondering how does our little DC vacation benefit you?!  Well first, we now have TONS of new ideas that we plan on incorporating this year into your weddings and events!  But……the second item on the list is the most exciting to us….. we pulled the trigger and purchased a photo booth!  Yay!!!  We’ve been playing with the idea of adding a photo booth to our service line-up for well over a year, so we saw the opportunity and went with it!  It has so many different features and gadgets on it, but that topic in itself is worthy of it’s own blog post so stay tuned!
The conclusion is that overall, except for missing our flight to DC on Sunday morning, the entire trip was such a great experience!  We hope that the things we learned over the two days we were there will help us to make your events even more special throughout this year, and once we run out of new ideas thank goodness it will be time again to attend Wedding Wire World 2016!

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