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by | Jan 1, 2016

Photograph By: Ashlee Culverhouse Photo

Ashlee Culverhouse Photo

Over the years the term “DJ” and “DJ Company” has truly evolved in meaning.  If you think anything like I did before I got into this business I automatically thought a DJ was just a person who had a hobby of collecting a lot of music, and if they didn’t have anything better to do on a Friday or Saturday night they might happen to come play some of their music at a friends graduation party, bonfire, or backyard wedding.  Little did I know that being a “DJ” meant so much more…..

Time and again we receive phone calls from clients who are looking to hire a DJ for their wedding or private event, and the conversation often begins something like this, “So I know you’re a DJ, but what exactly does that include?”  Therefore I decided to take a few moments to go over our services and what we have to offer.

Massive Musical Library

Music helps to set the tone for any event.  Whether it be a small client appreciation dinner on your back patio, or the fairy tale wedding that you have been planning since you were five, we have the musical inventory to fit any event or taste.

Two Chics Photography

Two Chics Photography

From the moment you become our client you will receive your own personalized online planning account that will allow you to listen to music, and make selections right from your own computer or electronic device all the way up until the day before your event.  If you desire we also can provide you with a special password that will allow your guests to select music as well.  Regardless of who chooses the music, we always play only radio edit versions to ensure that your event remains clean and tasteful throughout.

Master of Ceremonies

We cannot emphasize enough how important a well organized MC is to any wedding or private event!  The role of the Master of Ceremonies is to ensure that everything runs according to plan, while at the same time keeping guests engaged and entertained. Both Brandon and Kevin act as not only the DJ for your event, but also the MC.  They handle all of the formalities, including welcoming your guests, releasing tables to dinner, announcing special dances, and also things as simple as directing guests attention to the location of the guestbook or photo booth.  The key feature that sets Brandon and Kevin apart from other MC’s is their attention to detail.  For example, before announcing the cake cutting they always take the time to touch base with the caterer, coordinator, or event staff to verify that they are prepared to actually cut the cake.

Photograph By: Jada Stroud Photography

Jada E. Photography

Otherwise you could run into a awkward situation where you have a couple standing at their wedding cake with all eyes on them and no one to help them actually cut it!   With that being said, and as I’m sure you already know, there are a lot of intricate details to consider when it comes to planning any event.  Therefore, it is very important to remember that no matter how much planning you do ahead of time ultimately it will be in the hands of your Master of Ceremonies to ensure that it is executed flawlessly once the microphone is on and all eyes are on them.  Are you willing to leave that to chance?

Up Lighting, Dance Lighting, & Monogram Lighting

Lighting is the simplest investment you can make to take your event to the next level.  It allows us to transform any venue or event space into a visual work of art, while at the same time highlighting elements of your decor such as the cake, floral arrangements, and dance floor.  We feel so strongly about the power of lighting that we include up lighting in all of our wedding packages.  Our Majestic and Gala Package also include monogram lighting similar to what you see in the photograph featured below.

Photograph By: Raebeam Photography

Raebeam Photography

We find that our clients explain our work even better than we can.  Our bride Megan’s wedding was just last month, and we loved what she had to say in her review!  In two sentences she summed up so much of what we try to do for our couples!  Megan said, “They listened to everything we wanted for our wedding and captured it flawlessly. They took my scattered ideas and turned them into the most magical night of our lives.”  Brandon and I were so excited when we read Megan’s words.  Comments like hers are why we do what we do!

Now that we have given you a few things to think about, stay tuned for part two where we will explain the importance of quality sound and clear presentation for your wedding ceremony, and details on our photo booth.  Until then, happy wedding planning!!!!!


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